Hiring during the recession!

Economists have predicted an upcoming recession at the end of 2020. Big multinational companies have already started sacking thousands of their employees. Does this mean that the companies do not need human resources?

The answer could be both ways. The demand has indeed come down. Big companies do want to invest in anything huge right now. The human resource present in the industry should be adversity ready. Recession can affect hiring and job search process. These 7 tips can help you elevate the top of the lot:

1. Narrow the sector

From your internship or previous experiences narrow down the specific department you want to work.

2.Ground research

Look for companies offering jobs in that particular department and their vacancy and their future scope.

3. Calculating the risk involved in the current company

If your company is laying off key role people and by the

4. Age could give you the edge

You sure do have an initial disadvantage over the crowd who will work for longer hours for lesser money. Companies want an experienced candidate who has withstood the previous catastrophes in the market.

5. Upskill according to industry needs

Finish the certification or learn the skill that you have in your bucket list for a very long time. Upskilling will help you move forward during the toughest time.

6. Marketing yourself

Dress according to the company dress code. Identify your strengths. Tell the right story. Market your strengths and polish them in the process. Understand what you want to sell, your speciality.

7. Handle your interview as a single -shot performance

You get inside the room and bring out your best performance. Remember all that you have practiced for this big day. Even if it a practice interview for your dream interview.

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